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Image Trends' DustKleen 1.0

It is a graphic editor that allows to remove defects from scanned images
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Image Trends, Inc.

Image Trends' DustKleen is a stand-alone graphic editor that allows to remove defects from scanned digital images. The program can find and delete dust and dirt from your images automatically. It is the quickest way to correct your images in a real-time operation mode: you will see every correction in a preview window immediately.
DustKleen offers a unique technology for image correction from any scanner using any media such as negatives, slides and prints. This technology provides you with two modes: the “Automatic correction” mode and a flexible “Manual Touch Up” mode. When using the Automatic correction, you set the size, amount and aggression of the dust and then the program automatically follows your settings. You can use also the Manual Touch Up mode if any dust or defect has stayed on the image after the Automatic correction. This mode gives you more control to adjust the brush and dust size. Also the Manual mode gives you the opportunity to undo the applied corrections that is possible only in this mode. In addition, there is the “Remove Touch Up” brush that allows to remove corrections in both modes in the defined image area. Also you can rotate and zoom your image and see your image before and after the correction. You can try this program before you buy it by downloading its trial version (requires registration). The trial version is full-featured, but when you save the output it will be watermarked.

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  • Quick and easy
  • Provides two correction modes
  • Before and After preview


  • Not free
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